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SUPPORTING Tomorrow's business


What We do:

UgoliniCapital was founded in September 2015 and ever since we've built a distinct track record of success.

We are a private company focused on understanding how the world works. By having the deepest possible understanding of the global economy and financial markets, and translating that understanding into great operational ideas and strategic partnerships with institutional clients.

We focus on emerging and high potential sectors like the universe of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Our activities are divided into various sectors:

  • Proprietary Trading: We take advantage of the decentralization of the bitcoin market, to exploit its discrepancies, and carry out market-neutral arbitrage operations.

  • Venture Capital: We support companies and startups that have a positive impact on the blockchain ecosystem, supporting their financial growth.

  • Consulting: We help small and large businesses to interface with the blockchain revolution.

  • Others...

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